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Our Programs

Nancy Lieberman Charities takes immense pride in delivering ethical, nurturing, and compassionate services to the youth. Our dedication lies in elevating and empowering young individuals by furnishing them with educational avenues and motivating them to exert effort and make sound choices. Through our charitable endeavors, we are steadfast in our mission to equip young people with the essential tools to evolve into valuable and industrious contributors to society.

Youth Mentorship

Day at the Office

Commencing in 2014, our "Day at the Office" mentorship program has proven to be an invaluable initiative for high school students. This program offers a unique chance to spend a day immersed in an office environment alongside local business luminaries. Its core focus lies in fostering self-assurance, bolstering confidence, and honing decision-making skills among students, all of which are pivotal as they approach the next phase of their journey. The program, occurring every quarter, accommodates 20 students—both young women and men. Each participant is equipped with an iPad and personal business cards. Moreover, they are granted the privilege of engaging with influential figures such as Nancy Lieberman, board members, and key business leaders from the hosting company, all during a 1.5-hour mentorship and leadership session.

​​In close collaboration with school districts, we have seamlessly integrated this opportunity as an official field trip for the students. This comprehensive arrangement involves the provision of transportation to the venue, overseen by a school chaperone, inclusive of a lunch, and culminating in a thoughtful gift from the host company. Furthermore, our "Tablets for Technology" program, an initiative by Nancy Lieberman Charities, furnishes new tablets to financially challenged students who pledge to partake in community service over the year. Nancy's aspiration is to ensure that every student is well-equipped to excel in their daily scholastic pursuits, while also offering them the necessary resources to not only thrive but shine within the classroom environment.


Shop with a Cop

Through our "Shop with a Cop" initiative, North Texas law enforcement officers are afforded the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with young individuals while aiding them in an exclusive shopping experience. Collaborating with Under Armour at Northpark in Dallas, we have extended this program to furnish 75 local youths with high-quality Under Armour clothing and footwear. During these events, officers dedicate time to interact with children, guiding them in choosing attire suitable for the upcoming school season, summer recess, or holiday festivities.

 Day at the Course


In collaboration with the PGA of America, we've established a joint initiative alongside Paul Quinn College, a local HBCU, aimed at facilitating a day of comprehensive education. This program is designed to immerse students from the university into the world of golf, encompassing both its gameplay and business aspects, through a visit to the PGA offices. Anticipated to launch in the autumn of 2023, this undertaking aspires to foster a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to access the advantages of this sport. Within the program, students will concentrate on fostering connections, gaining insights into potential internship openings, and acquiring proficiency in the art of golf.

Racial & Social Justice
Lecture Series

Nancy Lieberman Charities has maintained an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, dedicated to fostering equity and parity through its youth-focused initiatives. In a stride toward enhancing students' comprehension of social justice matters, Nancy Lieberman Charities is delighted to join forces with the Sumners Foundation in introducing a Racial Social Justice Lecture Series to the students currently under NLC's wing.


The Sumners Foundation operates with the mission of reaching, enlightening, and inspiring both present and future leaders of American society through an exploration of the mechanics of self-governance. Their generous support has endowed Nancy Lieberman Charities with the means to engage with local schools, initiating discussions on pivotal subjects geared towards aiding youth in comprehending our nation's foundational principles and policies.


Esteemed guest speakers, including prominent figures like Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, and the distinguished advocate for American criminal justice reform and former federal prisoner Alice Johnson, will grace this platform. They will expound upon pertinent themes such as Civil Civic Discourse, The Duties of Citizenship, and the Dynamics of Respect, Regard, and Authority in Civil Society.


This series will be open to high school juniors and seniors, alongside a selected array of North Texas area HBCU Colleges. The overarching objective is to equip these students with the tools to effectively navigate real-world challenges by examining them from multifaceted angles. Our aspiration is that these students will attain the acumen to analyze current and historical events through the lens of social justice. 

Educational College
Scholarship Recipients

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 12.18.59 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 12.18.59 PM.png


Shane Davis - University of Memphis

Tyler Madara - University of Arkansas

Morgan McDonald - Stephen F. Austin University

Jada Mitchell - Clark Atlanta University

Lucas Ponzetto - Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Rafael Ponzetto - Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Sydnei VanGilder - University of North Texas

Judith Vega - Texas Women's University

Taylor Williams - Southern University and A&M College

Katherine Yao - Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Sara Farheen - Penn State Harrisburg

Madison Hand – West Texas A&M University

Corina Hughes – Baylor University

Victoria Martinez - Texas Tech University

JaMya Maryland - Texas Southern University

Makayla Noble 

Anika Patel – Univeresity of Texas at Austin

Kayla Schwanke – University of Texas at Austin

Caleb Texada – Belmont University

Imani White - Southeastern Louisiana University


Seba Al Khawalda – University of North Texas

Mackenzie Amaya – Ouachita Baptist University

Alexia Barnes – University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Evan Davis – Prairie View A&M

Jaedan Freeman – Texas A&M Commerce

Jeremy Griffin Jr. – Southwestern College

Alexis Gomez – Dallas Baptist University

Zaria Johnson – Brewton Parker College

Chaney Kelly – Tarleton State University

Tayla Slone – East Texas Baptist University


Isaiah Dalcour – Collin College

Lauryn Bethea – University of Massachusetts Boston

David Conner – University of Texas at Arlington

Amarachi Nwaka – University of Texas at Austin

Patrick Brzezina – University of North Texas

Jadas Snipes – Westfield State University

Heather Charleston – Prairie View A&M

Lesley Zamora – Union College

Jadon White – UMASS Amherst

Laura Li – University of Texas at Dallas

Ali Sheikh - University of Texas at Dallas

Bryce Bristow – Merchant Marine Academy

Sayra Briseno – University of Texas at Austin

Tyler Beidleman – Texas Tech University

Joshua Samuel – Texas A&M University


India Morris – Texas Southern University

Alicia Garcia Wong – Texas A&M University - Commerce

Dayannara Chavez – Mountain View College

Magaly Raymundo – Austin College

Taborah Win Ler – Dallas Baptist University

Ikechi Umeh – Bethel College

Brandon Torres – Dallas Baptist University 

Jaylen Freeman – Southern Methodist University

Caden Brooks – Texas State University

Jesse Conrad Chou – University of Texas Austin


Oscar Chavez – University of North Texas

Helen Garcia – Southern Methodist University

Grace Klepetka – Princeton University

Oscar Leal – University of Texas Austin

Ana Martinez – Texas Southern University

Kathy Nguyen – Sam Houston State University

Haley Ott – University of Kansas

Tia Riddle – Keiser University 

Martin Valdez – University of North Texas

Matthew Nagbe – Texas A&M University


Ganga Bhandari – University of Texas Arlington

Ernesto Silva – University of Chicago

Freddie Jenkins – Prairie View A&M

Azucena Diaz – Sam Houston State University

Ashlynn Albert – Centenary College of Louisiana

Rance Albert – Earlham College

Natalie Chaparro Gonzalez – University of North Texas

Imani Sloan – Prairie View A&M

Talitha Airington – Frank Phillips College

Katelyn Gordon – Texas Wesleyan University


Bo Beidleman – Southern Methodist University

Julissa Cardona – University of North Texas

Cason Dean Kelly – Tarleton State University

Careinezha Melton – Texas A&M University Commerce

Darius Morgan – Texas State University

Kalen Sanderfer – Texas State University

Zachary Singleton – Henderson State University

Monica Soltero – University of North Texas

William Weathers – Troy University

Ryan Schilling – University of Texas Arlington


Leslie Ikwuagwu -  University of Texas San Antonio

Bruce Lewis Jr. – University of Texas

Alex Linstrom – Texas A&M University

Katherine Norris – Texas A&M University

D’Juan Taylor – Oklahoma University 

Emmanuel Wilson – San Diego State University


Karla Garcia – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Efthimios Gianitsos – University of Texas Austin

Garrett Littlejohn – Texas A&M University

Tiana Smith – Texas A&M University


Niklas Ax -Texas Christian University 

Joe Anthony Castillo - Sam Houston State University

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